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SendGrid (also known as Twilio SendGrid) is a Denver, Colorado-based customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email. The company was founded by Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez, and Tim Jenkins in 2009, and incubated through the Techstars accelerator program.


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Tom Hansen says

"We are a SaaS privider and we utilize SG as a message provider. Nothing but trouble regarding billing. We may be small but as a paying customer, (and it\'s not cheap) we deserve to have live customer service. As soon as we are able, we will be switching out. "

Nick says

"We paid for a dedicated IP and we still get more than 10% bounce rate, sometimes it also takes more than 15min to send a transactional email. Dont get me started about their support"

Regan Wood says

"Woof, this site has to be one of the worst email sending options. They charge more than the others (many are free), have TERRIBLE service and, most troublingly, the data around the success of your campaigns isn't able to be organized (it's just a giant list of emails of who clicked) and it's only available for three days without paying for MORE.

So, while waiting for them to reply to my request, the availability for the information I needed has expired and now I have to pay to see ANY of it. Oh, then I'd have to go over it with a fine tooth comb by hand to sift by customer list. What a joke."

Per Wirén says

"Customer support is a joke. Copy/paste answers that don't respond to the actual question. Web interface is stupid also. Have had some problems with blacklisting."

User_Saas says

"Worst tool

Don't ever use it. Overpriced and not worthy at all."

Ali says

"Inept, overpriced, and it takes a week for anyone to even respond to a support request. This company is a joke. And that response is usually some copy and paste thing that doesn't help at all. I am in the process of changing providers."

JS says

"OMG run fast never use these guys. I reactivated my account the other day. Wow what happened to this company. Only 75% of my emails even made it through. 25% were blocked because their IP sending addresses were blacklisted. Never again I'm gone."

Mario says

"** STAY AWAY **
If I can give them negative starts I will do it.

Being a long-term customer (a few years now) a can say their services are somehow working, but you rather not have any issue, as that will cause you a headache.

1] our delivery rate suddenly dropped by more than 30%, we've had hundreds of customers complaining about missing emails from our system, nonstop ringing phones across our offices;

Their support is non-existent, only repeating generic answers (if you are lucky to get a reply at all). It took them 2 MONTHS to solve this (perhaps they didn't do it anyway, it's just "healed" naturally) and we were offered some ridiculous "compensation" such as a 10% discount for 1 month.

At this point, we've started the migration to the new provider, which is almost finished and we are happy we did it as today we've noticed a lot of errors as well.

2] We've found an email from SG they REVOKED OUR API KEYS with IMMEDIATE EFFECT because of a possible "leak" of our login credentials. This is impossible, we have specific login and unique password for SG + 2FA authorization.

THIS HAPPENED ON CHRISTMAS DAY! It's really not easy to find someone who will regenerate and modify our keys and again, this caused hundreds of emails to get lost.




Eldan says

"Sendgrid was a really good company before they where bought out by twilio. All of a sudden my account was suspended because of "phishing actives" This is the email they sent me

Dear Twilio Customer,

We are reaching out to inform you that your account has been associated with multiple reports of suspicious outbound email observed by inbox providers. This can occur when links intended for phishing, spreading malware, or unwanted marketing campaigns are detected in emails originating from your account. To minimize further risk, our Consumer Trust team has suspended your account while they review activity related to your account usage. We are working on this as a high priority and will follow up with you as soon as weve completed the review. This review will take some time to complete.

Our customer support team is monitoring this situation and can be reached

Stay away!"

T.J. Muro says

"Your support is God Awful! I have been trying to get SendGrid set up for close to a month now and I can't get any support to help authenticate our domain. Waste of money and worst customer service on the planet. Looks like I'm not the only one. How can your company ignore a 1.5 Trustpilot Score in 2020!?"

Reviews says

"I am disappointed with Sendgrid. I was offered the free monthly trial with the email campaign service. But using the feature with a fully genuine list, which was double checked before use for additional verification, the bounce rate was a shocking 28%. How is this even possible?, we asked.

Well, on further investigation we discovered that the ip Sendgrid is using is actually blocked by some servers as spam and therefore, our clean list had a massive bounce rate and our account put on poor reputation, not due to OUR list but due to Sendgrid!

I mean, how can anyone trust a service provider that gives you a blacklisted ip??? We've now discovered that most of these email service providers blame the LIST on their blocked ip and downgrade your account and pretend your list is not clean!!

Stay away from these providers."

Blake Thomson says

"Extremely poor support and repeatedly have hundreds of emails that bounce back every month with no help ever offered to fix it.

Our software sends over 1 million emails a month, we've had the same issue going for over 2 years, that has only got worse with more emails and we still can't get anything better than a 48 hour email response. It's honestly pathetic and so frustrating for such a large company to have a basic problem - literally the only purpose is to send emails and repeatedly fails week in week out. If it wasn't so difficult to move I would of moved the companies months ago and we will soon as we get the time to make the api changes to the email."

Stephen Sockett says

"They seem to arbitrarily cancel accounts. This has happened twice. Then, based on the fact that I'm an idiot and stayed with them, I was logged out and couldn't log back in due to the fact that they use SMS authentication but the SMS message never arrived. When I asked for help they told me to log in and submit a ticket but I can't log in. Then they told me that I am unsuitable for their platform yet they just billed, and have billed me since 2016. Today I am moving on and warning anyone that is considering them as an email solution provider to keep looking."

schmidt says

"So, Circus....sorry, SendGrid (sorry, terrible habit of mine) are an absolute Circus. Despite setting up my application with the correct parameters none of my emails sent.

I have been working with this software for 20 years and never have I never seen so much of the brown stuff spewing out of the the mouths of the staff at Circus....sorry, SendGrid.

The word “Send” in their title is a misell in itself. How many emails do you think were actually sent? That’s right, none. Why? Because their product is a failure, if the “message failed to send” message wasn’t there, it was the “failed to log into” message. If it wasn’t that message, it was the “We are a Circus Failure” message.

I had never heard the words “we” & “apologise” as many times in the same sentence as I did until working with CircusGrid, (in fact, those words are still ringing inside my head whilst tying to sleep at night and it’s giving me insomnia - I actually thought I was standing in an empty aircraft hanger and there was an echo, I heard those words so many times), in addition, I have never seen so much wasted ink on a sheet of paper in the form of outdated and inaccurate documentation in my entire life. Also, I have never seen such an idiotic, I’m accountable attitude. The application in question? The documentation for this is readily available in the public domain and yet they “failed to locate said documentation” but it’s all good because “we apologise”

The monetary value this company has brought to me isn’t worth the paper their employment contracts were written on.

But hey, it’s all OK, because [they] “apologise”. Especially Diana Orsorio whose only solution to not being able to change my password was “please give the system time to reset” bearing in this this problem still persists after two weeks.

What an embarrassment of a company."

Marcus Williamson says

"This company knowingly hosts criminals who send spam and phishing emails.

I have told them many times about how thay can stop this problem through:
* due diligence to risk assess new customers.
* not allowing new customers to use URLs hosted on SendGrid.
* filtering of outgoing SMTP email for known spam/phishing phrases.

But they do not act to resolve the spam problem.

Please avoid this company, which is still involved in helping criminals with phishing fraud."

Johnny says

"SENDGRID DELIVER E-MAILS TO 50,000 SUBSCRIBERS *AFTER* THE PROMOTION ENDED. Not one, not twice, but EVERY SINGLE TIME. We got HUNDREDS of customers complaining they received the mail AFTER the promotion campaign ended so they couldn't use the coupon code. Sendgrid refuses to refund and doesn't care about their customers.

SENDGRID IP ARE ALREADY BLACKLISTED. Vast majority of e-mails ends up in the spam folder because SendGrid IP are flagged as spammer (their fault not mine). Because SendGrid IPs are already blacklisted it defeats the purpose of using SendGrid instead of your own mail server. I have a screenshot of SendGrid customer support admitting their IPs are already blacklisted.

NO REFUND - SENDGRID DOESN'T CARE. They will NOT refund your money even if their service failed due to their own incompetence. They even charged us excess feed of $60 and we never got refunded. Takes many days to get a reply from customer support.

SENDGRID KEEP STEALING YOUR MONEY AFTER CANCELLING YOUR ACCOUNT. We finally had enough of SendGrid's unreliable service and closed our account. But SendGrid kept charging our credit card during 2 months. We had to contact them again twice to get the refund for the money they stole from us.

SendGrid is the only one to blame here. We don't send spam, our domain has very good reputation, we send only 4 e-mails per year, SPF/DKIM/DMARC is correctly configured, etc. The only mistake we did was trusting SendGrid. Don't do the same mistake we did.
I strongly recommend to NOT use SendGrid if you care about your customers. There is not a single valid reason to use SendGrid because their IPs are blacklisted and their service is unreliable. Trust me it will be a disaster for your business if you go with SendGrid, you will learn it the hard way. There are tons of reviews like mine all over the web."

Álvaro says

"Worst customer service I've experienced in a long time."

Russ says

"Suspended account with no notification of the fact. Once we noticed and notified support, they did turn this around in 2 days. However, after repeated requests for a reason, we have no idea why the account was suspended or more importantly if it will happen again and if they will ever notify of us of the fact.
In choosing any future solutions for email sending, I wouldn't use this again"

Dug says

"Sendgrid send fraudulent HMRC emails, including sending spam and other junk. These seem to be from HMRC, Metro Banks, and others. These are all fake. Since Sendgrid are supposed to be trusted, these appear to be legitimate!

Sendgrid also obfuscate the URLs, so it is impossible to see the destination of links.

This is highly dangerous, and has been going on for months, and reported on by Krebs in August 2020.

I've reported these to abuse@ and sameer@ but it takes them three weeks to investigate, and the problem is only getting worse.

Use another service, and if possible block all emails from Sendgrid, including those from verified senders since they cannot be trusted for authenticity."

Stepan Dihich says

"It looks like a complete fraud. They have blocked our account on Oct 31 and on Nov 1 they charged fee for the paid plan. It's Nov 19 and we have no access to our account yet. We can't even cancel the paid plan - the system shows an error. And the Sendgrid support is dead."

Евгений Ш says

"They have good API but once I started to use this service they simply suspended my account after a while. At the same time their service shows that I have 100% reputation.

Almost 3 weeks are passed but I still do not know why I was suspended! They do not respond. At the same time they withdrawn money for the month for non-working service!

I agree with a lot of people who made feedback here: probably better to choose another service"

Nick Gamblin says

"API docs have horrible documentation.
Tons of missing API response examples.
Their support case management system is on the fritz and requires frequent follow up just to make sure it didn't get merged/closed out." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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